Teamwork provides the best solution

      Listening to our customers helps us work out the optimum storage solution for your application.

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      We manufacture shelving & racking + plastic bins & containers in our own plants using the latest technology. All products - many of them award-winning - have been developed, tested and optimised by our in-house R&D department and certified by independent testing institutes. Your application needs a customised solution? We will tailor your storage solution to your exact needs!

      Solution selling is not just about meeting customer needs, it's going above and beyond. At BITO, reliability and experience merge with innovation and creativity. What keeps us going since our founding 175 years ago is continuous improvement, a keen feeling for trends and solution focused thinking.

      We have always taken pride in delivering high-value, innovative warehousing solutions and are convinced that extraordinary requirements deserve beyond standard solutions.

      Technical advice

      Each project is accompanied from the start by an experienced area manager who is in close contact with the assigned project manager at the BITO main office.

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      Assembly service

      If you are short of time or staff to set up your shelving or racking installation, we will be pleased to assist you with an experienced assembly team. If requested, at a fixed price.

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      Maintenance & Inspection service

      Operators of shelving and racking installations are obliged to have their facilities inspected at least once a year by a qualified person. Benefit from our comprehensive service package!

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      Jens Kleine, Director of Technology

      Improving logistics at our headquarters also builds value for our customers. We are now able to deliver some 98% of all products within 2 working days within Germany. European deliveries are just as reliable, since central warehousing allows us to benefit from optimised product handling and reduced transport times between buffer store and order picking areas. Short access times, a very good product availability and compact storage are further benefits.